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With quad or 4 X 4, enjoy motor leisure

For those who are in search of adventure, of change of scene and who are amateur of motor sports, we can satisfy their urge with strolls in quad or in 4 X 4 around Essaouira, on unforgettable sites.

Quads : between strolls and active leisure

In quad, you will leave on automatic Yamaha 300 cm3, you will be equipped with a helmet, a cowl, gloves, a windcheater duly cleaned after each use. During your trip, delicacies and water will be offered to you. Upon your arrival, a CD of photos realized during your ride quads will be given to you, to keep a concrete memory of your adventure.

For three hours or one day, go off to explore tracks, beaches, dunes, forests and villages around Essaouira, by taking time to admire an ancient palace; the spring of pure water where cows come to drink straight from the beach thanks to some not salty water which raises by capillarity; fishermen's small huts by the sea; the lighthouse of Essaouira and the surfers cave.


If you dedicate this day to the quads activity, you will push further your adventure and you will stop to eat some grilled fishes in a very authentic place, before returning by the river banks and the thujas forest.


Rate double quads:

·              3 hours: 80 €

·              Day with meal: 140 €

With 4 X 4 enjoy the landscapes peacefully

You prefer to travel with others, to share your impressions? In that case, rather opt for a day of discovery in 4 X 4; you can go up to Sidi M' Barek's waterfalls, then push on as far as the salt mine of Ouazza, ancient mine where the old works foreman will take pleasure to show you, to explain you the operations of extraction of the salt crystals of the mine. After this moment of sharing, direction Tafelney with its big beach where fishermen's boats finish their life and where it is possible to taste fruits of the local fishing, just brought out of their natural element.


According to the chosen circuit, you will cross the forests of thujas, olive tree or argan trees. The argan tree is an unknown tree outside the Moroccan South and which acquired a very important socioeconomic role, because its wood serves at the same time to make of the fire but is also used by the woodwork and the marquetry. Its leaves are not outdone because they are used to feed to the animals. Their almond from which we extract the feeding or cosmetic oil, also serves as complement for the fattening of the cattle.


You will also see a workshop of pottery, trained for the hand and cooked in the campfire in an oven dug on the floor and a quarry of millstones, which will serve later in countryside to grind the wheat or the almonds of argan tree.

With 4 X 4 discover fishing pleasures

But 4 X 4 can be also the opportunity to take you to practice an activity so playful: FISHING

Whether it is in the half-day or during whole day, you will leave accompanied by a guide, with all the necessary equipment (charms, fishhooks, sticks, reels) in isolated and unique places where, alone in front of the Ocean, you will try to fish for grey mullets, bass, etc.

·              Whole Day 4 X4 (minimum 2 persons): from 73 € per person

·              Go fishing (minimum 2 persons): from 45 € per person


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