Discover the 8 bedrooms at Riad Dar Liouba in Essaouira

DarLiouba"s bedrooms are located on the first, second and third floor of the houses. Equipped with quality beds, they all feature a private bathroom with toilet. 

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Welcome to Riad Dar Liouba Essaouira

riad in essaouira

Le riad Dar Liouba is an ancient Imam's house, renewed by a french designer with russian origins, giving it its name: Dar means House in arabic and Liouba meaning love in russian; Liouba being also the first name of his granmother.


Packages and Offers at Riad Dar liouba

romantic stay

Pool and full meal Stay


An exclusive offer: Full stay with Medina advantages, moroccan gastronomy and pool lunches, in a garden, at the door of Essaouira.

golf in essaouira

Golf & Thalassotherapy


For all those who wish to blend unlimited Golfing and Thalasotherapy cares, in a famous center.

birthday event

Birthday or Celebration


For a honeymoon or a birthday, you can enjoy this offer, focused on well-being.

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the guardian

Le Dar Liouba distinguisehd by The Guardian

Dar Liouba was selected N┬░1 out of 10 Riads and Guest Houses in Essaouira ! 

Le Golf de Mogador

golf in Essaouira

A Quality Golf whose course gets through the dunas, tha argan forest and the ocean !

Tagine d'huîtres


An Oyster recipe as main dish and in Tajine.

Activities suggested by Riad Dar Liouba

cheval dromadaire

Horse or Dromedary riding


For confirmed horse-rider or beginner, you can take advantage of your stay in Essaouira to go for a wonderful ride for one hour or one full day, along the beach or through the argan trees forest. This will give you the opportunity to discover another point of view on Essaouira and its surroundings. 


quad 4x4



For those who love motor sports or are too lazy to walk, you could choose to have quad-riding, with a professional specialist. A good way to go through the dunes, up to cap Sim or even further, looking for an unforgettable and safe experience.

surf, kitesurf, windsurf

Water Sports


In Essaouira, and particularly in the South part of the Bay, wind regularly blows and is generally stronger May - September, up to 6 beauforts. You can do surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing but also kayak and paddle.


Sailing Tours


During your stay at Dar Liouba, we can organize for you a sailing tour around Mogador Islands,  from Essaouira harbour, with an expericenced skipper.